Dentures in Kitchener and Waterloo area

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and the tissues connected to those teeth. It is made of acrylic plastic and sometimes porcelain and metal materials. They are custom made to resemble your natural teeth and gum tissue.

Dentures from Sherwood Dental - Your Kitchener & Waterloo Dental Office

Complete dentures replace all of your teeth, while partial dentures fill in the spaces created by missing teeth and prevent other teeth from shifting position.

Dentures can be “immediate” or “conventional”. An “immediate” denture is made in advance and is inserted on the same day, immediately following the removal of your natural teeth. In this case the patient doesn’t have to be without teeth during the healing process, but once the tissues shrink and heal; adjustments will have to be made. The “conventional” dentures are ready to be placed in your mouth about 6 to 12 weeks after the teeth have been extracted and the gum tissue has healed.

The denture process takes several weeks and a few appointments. New denture wearers need time to get accustomed to their new “teeth”, because even the best fitting dentures will feel awkward at first. It is normal to experience speech and chewing difficulty, increased saliva flow and some discomfort, that will subside as the muscles and tissues get used to the new denture.

In some cases, implants can be used to attach dentures. Implant supported dentures results in a permanent, stable and high esthetic solution without loose parts to worry about losing.

Proper cleaning of your new dental appliance with good oral hygiene will increase the life of your dentures. It is also important to continue having regular dental visits so that your dentist can examine your oral tissues for signs of disease or cancer. Also with age your bone under the dentures shrinks or recedes, thus requiring adjustments to your denture to maintain a proper fit.