Happy Father’s Day from Kitchener Dentist Sherwood Dental!

On Father's Day, we honour the resilience, insight, and steadfast guidance fathers provide. Kitchener Dentist Sherwood Dental sends warmest greetings to all the amazing fathers on this wonderful day. It's a day to honour the unsung heroes who, despite not donning capes, improve the world with their devotion and love.

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Introducing the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master at Kitchener Dentist Sherwood Dental

We’re excited to announce the addition of a revolutionary new device to our dental office: the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master. This cutting-edge equipment is set to transform the way we approach dental cleanings and preventive care, offering a range of benefits to our patients.

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Good Friday Smiles: Easter Dental Health Essentials

Easter is a time for family gatherings and sweets, but it's important to maintain good oral health. Choose chocolate over sugary treats to protect your teeth, especially dark chocolate, which dissolves quickly. Stay hydrated with water, especially after eating sweets, to wash away sugar and food particles that cause cavities.

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Tooth Extraction Benefits: A Must-Read Guide

Tooth extraction is a procedure that can be beneficial for overall oral health, especially in cases of severe decay, infection risk, crowding, and wisdom teeth problems. It eases pain, prevents additional damage, enhances oral health, prepares teeth for orthodontic treatment, and addresses gum disease. The process involves anesthesia, aftercare, rest, diet, hygiene, and follow-up.

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Happy Women’s Day From Kitchener Dentist Sherwood Dental

On International Women's Day, Kitchener Dentist Sherwood Dental acknowledges the achievements of women worldwide and emphasizes the importance of oral health. Women's oral health is influenced by hormonal changes, adolescence, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. Regular dental checkups and brushing are crucial for maintaining a healthy smile and preventing dental disorders.

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Denture Adhesives: Do You Need Them And How Do They Work?

Denture adhesives may be necessary if your dentures are secure and don't shift or dislodge, or if you encounter any of the following problems: loose or uncomfortable dentures, bone loss, dry mouth, sensitive gums, and gummy or tough foods. Denture adhesives are a useful aid for denture wearers who experience discomfort, itchiness, or trouble keeping their dentures in place. Kitchener Dentist Sherwood Dental, a Kitchener Dental Office, can help if you're having problems with your dentures.

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The Importance Of Proper Teeth Brushing: Tips & Techniques

The health of your mouth, teeth, and gums depends on regular brushing. It is important to take care when cleaning your teeth, as doing so incorrectly can cause more harm than good. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests spending two minutes twice a day brushing your teeth. Get in touch with Kitchener Dentist Sherwood Dental for all your dental care needs now!

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2024 Family Day: Dental Health Essentials

On Family Day, February 19, 2024, Kitchener Dentist Sherwood Dental is focusing on the importance of dental health and spending quality time with family. They offer tips on how to prioritize dental health, ensuring every smile and laugh is as happy and healthy as it is. Early dental care in children is crucial, as it helps establish healthy habits like brushing and flossing twice a day and scheduling frequent checkups.

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Welcoming 2024 with Warm Wishes from Kitchener Dentist Sherwood Dental

Happy New Year 2024! As the calendar turns a new page, we at Kitchener Dentist Sherwood Dental are excited to extend our heartfelt greetings for a year brimming with health, joy, and radiant smiles to you and your families.

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